Kraków Waterworks - a Patron of Culture
Date 2017-12-13

The Kraków Waterworks received the title of a Patron of Kraków Culture. These prizes have been awarded since 1996.

The Kraków Waterworks were nominated in two categories: "Sponsor" - for the most interesting form and effectiveness of patronage; and "Donor" for continuous and significant co-financing of cultural institutions and evens associated with Kraków. The bronze statuette in the "Donor" category was presented by Jacek Majchrowski, the Kraków Mayor, to Janusz Wesołowski, the Vice-President of the Management Board of the Kraków Waterworks.

This year, 46 proposals for granting the title of the Patron of Kraków Culture 2016 were submitted to the competition organiser: 23 in the "Donor" category, 19 in the "Sponsor" category, three in the "Media Patron" category and one in the category "For heritage protection activities".