Kraków Waterworks recognised in Eco-Laurels
Date 2017-12-15

Kraków Waterworks were awarded honours in the category of water and sewage management of the 16th edition of the "Eco-Laurels of the Polish Chamber of Environmental Protection 2016" (Ekolaury PIE) competition.

The awarded project called "Water and sewage management in Kraków - Stage II" was carried out by the Kraków Waterworks in 2013-2015. The entire investment project cost PLN 77,021,858.17 (incl. VAT).
As part of the work, the Kujawy Sewage Treatment Plant was upgraded and expanded. The 4th process line was started, the remaining three were upgraded and completely new facilities were constructed. The works completed improved the effectiveness of sewage treatment. As a result, the parameters of the treated waste water leaving the treatment plant meet the strict standards governing the removal of biogenic compounds from waste water, and are thus in compliance with EU directives.

The "Eco-Laurels" competition has been organised by the Polish Chamber of Environmental Protection since 2002 to promote the most effective action and work done to protect the environment. The competition is nationwide and addressed to enterprises, institutions, NGOs and local authorities.