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Our Company named Dźwigacz Kultury 2019
Data dodania 2020-02-25 Cofnij Rozmiar czcionki Drukuj

Dźwigacze Kultury 2019 were announced yesterday. These prizes, awarded by the Krakow Festival Office, were awarded in the charming courtyard of the Princes Czartoryski Museum. Those honoured included Kraków Water. The award was received by Wanda Słobodzian – member of the Company Management Board.

The Kraków Festival Office honours its partners and sponsors. For 8 years, it has been awarding the "Dźwigacze Kultury" prize to those who include culture in their budget and marketing plans. It is thanks to their support that meetings, concerts and festivals organised by the Kraków Festival Office are held for tourists and residents to attend.

Every year, Kraków Water adds it drop to the organization of these events. In 2019, we supported events such as Sacrum Profanum, Misteria Paschalia, the Film Music Festival and St. John’s Market.

All winners received mounted works by Alicja Wróblewska, an artist inspired by the mythological figure of Atlas holding up the heavens on his shoulders so that the world can continue. The artistic vision of Atlas follows the spirit of upcycling: the object in the photograph is made entirely from recycled plastic.
Photos: Joanna Gałuszka for the Kraków Festival Office

The photo gallery below shows photographs from the award ceremony.
Poster with a symbol of Dźwigacze Kultury prize.