Top Quality International
Date 2016-11-22

The Krakow Waterworks have been awarded the QI Product Golden Emblem for the water supplied to the residents of the city in the 10th edition of the Top Quality International program.

The certificate and the prestigious Emblem, a recognisable mark of international significance, confirm the clear quality policy of the Krakow Waterworks applied to the product supplied to the residents of Krakow. The quality of the water meets, with regards to all its parameters, the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Health on the quality of water for human consumption of 29 March 2007, 20 April 2010 and 13 November 2015.  It also complies with the requirements of the Directive of the Council of the European Union 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 and the WHO guidelines on the quality of potable water. The compliance with all the above requirements proves the very high quality and complete health safety of the water supplied to Krakow taps.

The Central Laboratory of the Krakow Waterworks uses in excess of 200 analytical methods (placing us among European leaders) to check over 140 physical, chemical and bacteriological indicators, which is 50% more than required by the Regulation of the Minister of Health. 

Prizes are awarded in three categories: QI product - top quality product (this is the category in which the Krakow Waterworks won the prize), QI services and QI order for top quality management. Winners are selected from four groups: small, medium and large companies and in the separate group of Local Authorities.