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Website accessibility declaration Cofnij Rozmiar czcionki Drukuj

Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa S.A. (Kraków Water) undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. This accessibility statement applies to the website

Website publication: 2016-07-20.

Last significant update: 2022-03-25.

Status of compliance with the Act

The website partially complies with the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities because of the non-compliances and/or exemptions listed below:
  • some of the videos published before 23 September 2020 are digitally accessible (YouTube: playlist „digitally accessible videos"). All videos published after 23 September have audio description and subtitles. One of the videos, „Informacja o zakresie działalności WMK S.A.” (Information on the scope of WMK S.A. activities) is filmed in the Polish sign language;
  • the majority of documents on the site are digitally accessible in whole or a text alternative in the form of an accessible MS Word file is available (only one PDF file requires an alternative text);
  • the website has been secured with reCAPTCHA in the contact form. This solution is not fully digitally accessible as it requires selecting the appropriate images (e.g. containing a hydrant, traffic lights etc.). However, this requirement only applies if there are multiple queries from one IP address;
  • the slider and the gallery are not fully digitally adapted;
  • contact form work properly, but some labels and instructions need to be improved;
  • it is not possible to change the spacing and enlarge the font size of the text displayed on the site to 200% of the original size;
  • iframe does not have a title added.

Maps are exempt from the obligation to ensure accessibility.

Kraków Water has adapted their website to a significant extent. The company is reviewing and checking the above non-adapted elements to effectively eliminate them.

Date of declaration and method of assessing digital accessibility


This declaration was executed on: 2020-09-22.


This declaration was executed on the basis of a self-assessment carried out by Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa S.A.

Date of last declaration review: 2023-03-27.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Standard browser keyboard shortcuts work on the website.


Feedback and contact information

If you have problems with website accessibility, please contact us. The contact person is the Accessibility Coordinator Joanna Kaleta, You can also call 12 620 33 48. The same contact details can be used to submit requests for providing inaccessible information and demands to ensure accessibility.

Procedure information

Anyone has the right to request digital accessibility of a website, mobile app or any of their parts. One can also request information to be provided using alternative means of access, for example by reading aloud a digitally inaccessible document, describing the content of a video without audio description, etc. The request should include the applicant's data, the identification of the website or mobile application concerned, and the method of contact. If the applicant notifies the need to receive information through alternative means of access, they should also specify a method of presenting this information convenient for them. The public entity should fulfil the request without delay, no later than 7 days after the request is made. If this time limit cannot be kept, the public entity shall immediately inform the applicant making the request when the request can be fulfilled, where this time limit may not exceed 2 months from the request date. If digital accessibility cannot be ensured, the public entity may propose an alternative way of accessing the information. Should the public entity refuse to comply with the request for ensuring accessibility or alternative means of accessing the information, the applicant may lodge a complaint concerning digital accessibility of a website, mobile application or their element. Once the above procedure has been exhausted, a request may also be submitted to the Ombudsman.

Architectural accessibility

Offices of Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa S.A.: ul. Senatorska 1, 30-106 Kraków.

Clients are served at the Resident Service Centre situated in: ulica Senatorska 9, Kraków, which meets basic requirements of the Act of 19 July 2019 on ensuring accessibility to individuals with special needs.

The building in which the Resident Service Centre is located at ul. Senatorska 9 in Kraków and consists of 4 above-ground floors and basements. It has been fully adapted to serve individuals with reduced mobility. There are two entrances to the Resident Service Centre. The first, via stairs, directly from ul. Senatorska 9.

Entrance to the building in ul. Senatorska 9, visible stairs, canopy, 6 flags (2 Polish, 2 EU, 2 of Krakow).

The second, accessible entrance is located on the other side of the building. It is reached along an access road between buildings number 7 and 9 in ul. Senatorska. In front of the entrance there is a car park with two parking spaces for the people with disabilities [road marked with the P–20 sign (envelope shape)]. An intercom is installed next to the entrance for contacting an assistant.

Entrance on the other side of the building: wide, glazed doors; board with the Kraków Water logo and the words Centrum Obsługi Mieszkańców.

The circulation spaces of the building are free of horizontal and vertical barriers (corridors on one level, vertical circulation by lift). The Resident Service Room and desks located on all floors of the building can be reached by a lift whose dimensions allow easy wheelchair access. Wide corridors and the space of the Resident Service Room on the ground floor allow people with disabilities to move comfortably without obstacles. The width of doors leading to rooms in which specific matters can be dealt with, such as signing a contract, is suitable for wheelchairs. The Resident Service Centre features a comfortable waiting area with a public water fountain and a children corner.
Information on the layout of rooms and entrances to the building is provided in a visual and audible format (information boards, assistant, security staff, information desk). There are toilets adapted to the needs of persons with impaired mobility on every floor of the building, equipped with an alarm system allowing them to call for help.

In addition, the CCTV system covering the facility allows the assistant to react quickly and provide necessary help in case of any difficulties. The appropriate marking of escape routes including audible signals allows people with disabilities to evacuate efficiently. No induction loops have been installed in the building.

During the working hours of the Resident Service Centre there are two dedicated, free-of-charge parking spaces for people with disabilities. The entrance into the car park from Senatorska Str. between two buildings (ul. Senatorska 7 and 9) is marked with a sign. The entrance to the car park is equipped with a video intercom for quickly contacting a trained assistant available during the working hours of the Resident Service Centre. An induction loop is fitted next to the road barrier in the car park.

The building may be entered with an assistant dog and a guide dog.

A Polish sign language interpreter is available. On-line service is available during the working hours of the Resident Service Centre. For detailed information about the interpreter see the Sign Language Support tab (only in Polish).


by car (parking spaces for people with disabilities),

by public transport:
  • bus stops:
    • „Muzeum Narodowe”, services: 102,  124,  144, 152, 164, 169, 173, 179,  194, 301, 304, 307, 310, 424, 469, 502, 503, 601, 605, 608,  611, 734, 752, 792, 902;
    • „Cracovia Błonia”, services: 102,  152,  605, 734;
    • „Cracovia Stadion”, services: 102,  502, 734, 752, 792;
    • „Salwator”, services: 100, 209, 229, 239, 249, 259, 269, 734, 752, 792, 902;
    • „Komorowskiego”, services: 229, 734, 752, 792, 902;
  • tram stops:
    • „Muzeum Narodowe”,  services: 6, 20;
    • „Komorowskiego”, services: 1, 2;
    • „Salwator”, services: 1, 2.

Kraków public transport timetables are published on the website of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne S.A. w Krakowie under the Timetables tab.

The offices are located in the paid parking zone.

On request of a person with disabilities, assistance will be provided by an employee of Kraków Water. The person requesting it should inform a security guard or a receptionist of the need for assistance to a person with disabilities. The designated employee joins the customer in the Resident Service Room or assists them along the way from the lift to an office on a higher floor.