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GDPR in Krakow Water

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GDPR in Krakow Water Cofnij Rozmiar czcionki Drukuj


Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa S.A. (Krakow Water) takes many measures to comply with the requirements of GPRD regulations. As a Data Controller, we want to give our customers, trading partners and individuals contacting the Company a feeling that their personal data is stored and processed with full security.

In order to minimize the potential risk of breaching your personal data, we have implemented new procedures and are keeping them up to date to ensure data security. We regularly train our employees in personal data protection.

Due to the change of the Company name, we have updated the information clauses. At the same time, we would like to emphasise that the purpose and scope of personal data processing does not change for  agreements concluded to supply water and/or dispose of sewage.

Your consents to personal data processing by WMK S.A. of Krakow given previously do not expire.

Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa S.A. has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The Data Protection Officer name is Ms Magdalena Olender. You can contact the Officer at the following e-mail address: Only  cases relating to the processing of your personal data by WMK S.A., including requests to exercise your rights under GPRD regulations, should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer is not responsible for dealing with any other matters, including e.g. changing the data contained in an agreement. All other matters should be addressed as specified in the instructions on the website of WMK S.A.

open a pdf document Information on personal data processing (0,84 MB, PDF)