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Piotr Ziętara

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Management Board President - Piotr Ziętara

Piotr Ziętara

President of the Management Board of Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa S.A.

He has worked for Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa S.A. since 2001. He started his career as a clerk. In the following years he was promoted to the positions of the Head of the Management and PR Office (and at the same time the company spokesperson), Director for Organisation and Personnel Management and Managing Director. In 2015 he became a member of the company’s Management Board and then a Vice President. From 1 April 2017 he has been the President of the Management Board. In the years 2013–2015 he was a company registered agent (prokurent) and a Representative for Organisation and Social Communication at Krakowski Holding Komunalny S.A., as part of the implementation of the project to build an eco-incinerator. In July 2017, he became the Vice-President of the Council of Izba Gospodarcza Wodociągi Polskie (Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce).

Piotr Ziętara graduated from the Faculty of Management at the Cracow University of Economics and post-graduate studies in the field of information security management, modern concepts of enterprise management, methods and techniques of process management. He completed an MBA in Public Management at the Cracow School of Business of the Cracow University of Economics. He has the right to sit on Supervisory Boards. Received the title of Master of Art in Diplomacy and International Relations at the University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna in October 2023.
He has systematically developed his education, acquiring knowledge in the field of commercial companies and partnerships as well as management, cooperation and coordination between the company and the market environment and cooperation between statutory bodies. Over the years of his work at Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa, he has successfully built a positive image of the company, participated in the implementation of investment projects, new management systems and IT tools. He gained experience in managing human resources and managing the company in emergency situations.

For many years, Piotr Ziętara has been cooperating with the world of science. He is the Chairman of the Steering Committee of Małopolski Klaster Wodny (Małopolska Water Cluster) and has participated in many conferences and scientific symposia in Poland.
He actively participates in international industry benchmarking workshops organised by the European Benchmarking Cooperation. On 29 April 2019, by a resolution of the Senate of the Cracow University of Economics, Piotr Ziętara was appointed the Chairman of the First University Council and in December 2020 he was elected the Chairman of the University Council for the term of office 2021-2024. In May 2020 he was appointed by the Krakow City Council the member of the Social Councils of Krakow municipal healthcare institutions: Gabriel Narutowicz Hospital (Szpital Miejski Specjalistyczny im. Gabriela Narutowicza w Krakowie) and Stefan Żeromski Hospital (Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Stefana Żeromskiego SPZOZ). Piotr Ziętara is a member of the Council of the Krakow Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the term of office 2021-2025. In December 2023, he was appointed to the Council of the Museum of Engineering and Technology in Krakow.

In 2019, Piotr Ziętara, the President of the Management Board of Wodociągi Miasta Krakowa was awarded the “Krakowskie Dukaty” (Ducats of Krakow) award in the Company Manager category. In the same year he received “Medal Św. Krzysztofa” (the Saint Christopher medal) - a prestigious award for supporting Krakow traditions. In 2020, he received the Silver Cross of Merit for activities for the local community. In September 2021, received the Honoris Gratia badge from the Mayor of the City of Krakow for outstanding contribution to the city and its residents. In December 2022, he was awarded the Amicus Hominium award in the Socially Responsible category. In February 2023, by the decision of the Drohobycz City Council, he was honored with a special medal for charity and support for the inhabitants of this city.