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Current Information about the project

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Current Information about the project Cofnij Rozmiar czcionki Drukuj

logos Modernization of power, heat and biogas management on the premises of the Płaszów Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kraków, Kosiarzy 3, co-financed by the European Economic Area Mechanism.

Status as of: 31 August 2022


  • 18.07.2022 - Signing a contract with the Contractor, Instal Kraków S.A.

The time limit of the contract is 18 months from the date of its signing, i.e. January 17, 2024
Net contract value: PLN 14,581,500.00 
  • 29/11/2021 - Signing the Project co-financing agreement with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (Agreement no. MFEOG. 07/04/13-06-0021/21-00)

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