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Water Supply System Department

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Water Supply System Department Cofnij Rozmiar czcionki Drukuj

A major part of Krakow's water supply system is built in a ring-system arrangement (water mains form closed circuits), which ensures a high reliability of water supply to Consumers from the system.

The water supply system including water service pipes is approximately 2 351 km long. It is estimated that almost 99.5% of Kraków Municipality residents are able to use the municipal water system.
The length of the water supply system is like the distance from Kraków to Jaén in Spain, as the crow flies.
Map of Europe. Poland and Spain are marked. Line connects Kraków and Jaén.
Water supply system map
Map with the districts of Krakow. Shows from which plant the water is supplied to the district.
The main duty of Kraków Waterworks is to keep the water supply system in a good condition. Constant monitoring allows faults to be detected very early. Repairing a fault, understood as a sudden and unforeseeable event, is of the highest priority as it direct impacts the continuity of water supply to Consumers.
To raise the quality of services provided, we regularly upgrade and expand both the water system infrastructure and the technical and analysis facilities.

The waterworks cannot operate without pressure equalising and storage tanks. There are currently 14 sets of water tanks with the total volume of approx. 310 000 m³ active in the supply system of Kraków. The majority of them are ground level tanks located in different parts of the city. The oldest, built in 1900 in the Zwierzyniec District, is 5000 m³ in volume.

"Kościuszko" drinking water reservoir. Two photos. Then and now. Black and white and color.
Kościuszko potable water tank
The largest complex of water system tanks, totalling 158.5 thousand m³ in volume, is located in Siercza on the transport route from the Raba Water Treatment Plant to Kraków. It includes the largest water system tanks in Poland, with chambers of 34 000 m³ each.

Continuous upgrades of water structures and the system contribute to increasing water quality. Their correct operation guarantees the safe supply of tap water to all residents of Kraków.