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Płaszów Sewage Treatment Plant

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Płaszów Sewage Treatment Plant Cofnij Rozmiar czcionki Drukuj


Kraków, Kosiarzy 3
Phone: 12 65-05-380
Fragment of the plant. Separated sludge fermentation chambers.

About the Sewage Treatment Plant

  • commissioning date: 1974 (the design capacity of 132 000 m³/24-hour was achieved in mid-1976 )
  • mechanical and biological sewage treatment plant
  • maximum plant capacity: 328 000 m3/24-hour
  • average flow: 160 000 m3/24-hour
  • treated water is discharged into: the Drwina Rriver (a tributary of the Wisła)
  • the plant treats municipal sewage from 780 000 PE (Population Equivalent)
  • plant surface area:  50 ha
  • the sewage treatment plant is energy self-sufficient to a significant degree
  • the sewage treatment plant was expanded and upgraded as part of an EU project
  • a Sludge Incineration Plant is located on the premises of the sewage treatment plant

Sludge Incineration Plant

  • commissioning date: 2010
  • capacity: maximum 64 tons of dry weight/24-hour
  • purpose:
    a) sludge disposal
    b) independence of external service providers
    c) environmental protection: reducing the quantity of sludge by approx. 88% (from 276 t/24-hour to 25 t/24-hour)